Molyneux is a French fashion house located in Paris and founded in 1919 by British fashion designer Edward Molyneux.

Rumors have it both Edward Molyneux and Coco Chanel agreed to create their own No5 to see which would have the most success.

Rue La Boetie
 Molyneux  Rue La Boetie

Rue la Boétie by Molyneux takes its name from the fabled street, Rue la Boétie, which lies in the heart of Paris, the 8th Arrondissement. Rue la Boétie was the home of ...

Quartz Je T'aime
 Molyneux  Quartz Je T'aime

Molyneux presents Quartz Je T'aime, a floral fruity perfume. Introduced in 2012. Contains notes of tangerine, rose, lily, musk and vanilla.

Quartz Addiction
 Molyneux  Quartz Addiction

Quartz Addiction is an oriental spicy cologne from Molyneux. Introduced in 2013. Notes include mandarin orange, orange, pomelo, rose, cinnamon, spicy notes, patchouli, amber and...

 Molyneux  Lord

Lord is a woody cologne from Molyneux. Introduced in 1988. Notes include bergamot, cardamom, peach, cedar, mahogany, tonka bean, musk, sandalwood and vetiver.

 Molyneux  Captain

Molyneux presents Captain, a woody aromatic cologne. Introduced in 1975. Contains notes of bergamot, ginger, anise, lavender, orange blossom, violet leaf, guaiac wood, moss and ...

Quartz Silver
 Molyneux  Quartz Silver

Quartz Silver by Molyneux is a chypre cologne. Contains notes of patchouli, precious woods, tonka bean, lavender, cinnamon, violet, italian lemon, orange and guatemalan cardamom.

 Molyneux  Quartz

Quartz by Molyneux is a floral perfume. Launched in 1977. Contains notes of cassia, peach, hiacynth, carnation, melon, orris root, jasmine, rose, honeysuckle, sandalwood, amber,...