Juliette Has A Gun

Juliette Has A Gun was created by Romano Ricci and launched in 2006. It's dedicated to woman willing to open a new type of elegance in the niche perfumery world. Their philosophy is to approach perfumery as an art and to be present only through limited distribution such as concept stores, department stores or specialized perfumeries.

Juliette Has A Gun Romantina

Romantina by Juliette Has A Gun is a chypre floral perfume. Launched in 2011. Contains notes of bergamot, turkish rose, iris, tuberose, vetiver, orange blossom, patchouli, musk,...

Miss Charming
Juliette Has A Gun Miss Charming

Juliette Has A Gun presents Miss Charming, a floral fruity perfume. Introduced in 2006. Contains notes of litchi, strawberry, moroccan rose, musk and wild berries.

Citizen Queen
Juliette Has A Gun Citizen Queen

Juliette Has A Gun presents Citizen Queen, a floral woody musk perfume. Introduced in 2008. Contains notes of rose, iris, leather, amber, immortelle, french labdanum, aldehydes,...

Calamity J
Juliette Has A Gun Calamity J

Calamity J is a perfume from Juliette Has A Gun. Introduced in 2009. Notes include cinnamon, iris, iso e super, cetalox, vanilla absolute, tonka bean, labdanum, civet, castoreu...