About Us

ColognesPerfume.com is a fragrance department store which provides a user-friendly, safe, creamy-dreamy space to shop for a little scented luxury. Naturally, we only offer genuine fragrances. Nasty knock offs are so not our style.

We love offering a myriad of carefully chosen fragrances. Our selection is wide and varied but it's not scatter-shot, it has a rhyme and reason. We'll happily feature a prestige fragrance right alongside a cheap and cheerful number, right alongside an old schooler, right alongside a glorious trash-fest, if we think they're interesting, or a la mode, or timeless, or otherwise unique or special. Think Shalimar, and Cool Water, and Caleche by Hermes, and Escada's Born in Paradise happily side by side. These are completely different from each other, and of varying price and reputation, but they all have something to offer. Our selection is thoughtfully curated from the overwhelming numbers of fragrances available on the market.

Our intention is to create a delicious department store experience on the web

The ColognesPerfume.com office and web team are in mountainous, leafy, watery, RAINY, dazzling, beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The selection of fragrances that we offer are warehoused in, and shipped from, two warehouses in upstate New York, U.S.A. We're a proud North American hybrid.

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Unit 1
9049 Shauhnessy Street
Vancouver BC V6P 6R9